Kacey Musgraves Really Did Sing While Naked, and It Was an "SNL" First

If you saw KACEY MUSGRAVES perform"Justified"on"Saturday Night Live", you witnessed history. She really was naked, which was a first for"SNL"(Yes, she was wearing boots, but let's not get technical.)

Here's what her publicist told" Variety", quote, "She was nude. Precautions were taken, and this was the first time it's happened on the show."

Her rep also confirmed that the audience didn't see anything, because she was shielded from view by a sheet as the performance was set up. So the Reddit people who were in the crowd that night had it right.

(In case you missed it, and want to keep it that way. She was sitting on a stool with her legs crossed, and her body was blocked by her guitar and strap. The lighting was low, and she was only filmed from the front.)

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