Jason Aldean on His Sweaty Cowboy Hats

JASON ALDEAN always wears cowboy hats in concert, so he was asked if he goes through a lot of them on tour. He doesn't. It's usually only one or two . . . because it takes so long to break one in.

Quote, "I'll get one and it'll get good and worn-in, so I'll kind of wear it for the tour and then maybe at the end of the tour that's the one I throw out in the crowd. 

"[But] usually the ones for the show they get worn in good, because you sweat on stage and the hat eventually forms to your head and it fits great. Once I get one that I like I usually ride it out for the whole tour."

He said the "crispy" new hats come out for photo shoots and award shows. And he doesn't have to go far to find them either, because he has his own line of Resistol hats.

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