Eight Songs Where Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Sing About Each Other

Here are the songs, along with who released it, and a brief description:

1. "Go Ahead and Break My Heart"- Blake and Gwen duet, 2016. They it wrote together, and it touched on divorce and the fears around new beginnings.

2. "Make Me Like You"- Gwen's 2016 single. Jimmy Kimmel got her to admit that it was "about that guy."

3. "Came Here to Forget"- Blake's 2016 single. He said it was not about Gwen, but the lyrics say otherwise: "Girl, you're getting over him and I'm getting over her / Misery loves company, that's why it's you and me."

4. "A Guy with a Girl"- Another Blake single from 2016. He told "Billboard", quote, "On the farm or touring, I'm that guy, and at the end of the day, when it's time to have a life and go to a party or something, I become the guy that's with Gwen."

5. "I'll Name the Dogs"- A 2017 Blake single. It was written for Blake, and he said it aligned with his feelings on settling down with Gwen and her three sons.

6. "You Make It Feel Like Christmas"- 2017 duet. Lyrics? "Thought I was done for, thought that love had died / But you came along, I swear you saved my life."

7. "Nobody But You"- 2019 Duet. It was originally going to be a Blake single, but his producer said Gwen fit the song like a glove.

8. "Happy Anywhere"- 2020 Duet. More lyrics that leave "no doubt." [Pun intended.]. "I'm running wide open / I was born with my feet in motion / But since I met you, I swear / I could be happy anywhere."

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