Kanye West 'Grammy Worn' Nike Air Yeezy 1s Sell for Record $1.8 Million

A pair of shoes Kanye West wore during his performance at the 2008 Grammys just sold for a record 7-figure price.

The prototype Nike Air Yeezy 1 brought in a whopping $1.8 million in a recent private sale, according to Sotheby's, which brokered the deal.

Kanye famously wore the sneakers known as the "Grammy Worn" Nikes, at the 2008 Grammy Awards, when he performed "Hey Mama" and "Stronger."

The $1.8 million sale price broke the record for the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold. Back in 1985 the Nike Air Jordan 1s that Michael Jordan wore when he broke a backboard during a preseason game in Italy sold for $615k.

So, who dropped that kind of cash on a pair of used shoes? Sotheby's says the buyer is RARES, a sneaker investment marketplace ... so, chances are these shoes will sell again at some point. Start saving up!