Suspect Gives the Cops a Fake Name and Gets Arrested Anyways

If you're going to lie . . . um, lie better than this?

The cops in Clam Lake Township, Michigan spotted a car on the shoulder of the highway last Friday with its lights off. When they walked up to the car, they saw the guy in the front seat try to duck out of sight.

The cops asked him for his name . . . and he gave them a fake name.

But the cops didn't know it was fake, and when they ran the name, it turned out the actual person had felony warrants . . . so this guy was arrested anyway.

And when the cops searched him . . . they found he had 27 grams of meth.

When they got to jail, they took his fingerprints and figured out his REAL identity. He's facing charges for meth possession, lying to an officer during a felony, and more.