Taco Bell Has Finally Launched Its $10 Monthly Subscription Service

A while back, we heard Taco Bell was testing out a subscription service, which seemed like a brilliant idea . . . a challenge . . . AND a health advisory. And it must have been a success, because they just launched it nationwide yesterday.

It's called the Taco Lover's Pass, and here's how it works: You pay $10 a month, and then you're able to get one FREE taco every day.

Your options include: A soft taco, a spicy potato soft taco, crunchy tacos, and the Doritos tacos.

It's all done through the Taco Bell app. So you download it . . . sign up for a subscription . . . and make all your orders there. 

You will see your free taco option every day in the app. Individual tacos typically cost $1.39 to $2.39, so you'll have to go between three and seven times every month to break even.

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