The BEST Gift to Give to the Person Who Has Everything Is . . .

happy family   open presents on Christmas morning

Photo: Getty Images

It's hard to buy a gift for someone who already has EVERYTHING, so here are some ideas

In a new poll, people were asked what gifts you can ALWAYS fall back on. And chocolate was the #1 answer, with 58% of people saying it's "universally" accepted.

Holiday gift baskets are second, followed by gift cards . . . clothing accessories like hats, mittens, and slippers . . . socks . . . seasonal popcorn . . . pajamas . . . self-care items . . . cash . . . and "food." 

63% of Americans have received a duplicate gift for the holidays, which is one reason why a gift you can EAT is great. Two chocolates are better than one.

For what it's worth, 58% of people claim they're easy to buy for, while 5% admit they're "impossible" to shop for. 


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