You Can Get Abducted By Aliens At This New Arizona Attraction

Photo: Getty Images

UFO sightings may be a more common experience than many people think. Since it was founded, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has documented around 90,000 UFO sightings.

One new attraction in Arizona will explore the rich history that the state has with stories of extraterrestrial life. 12 News reported that the "UFO Experience: The Truth is Out There" will open at Scottsdale's Arizona Boardwalk this fall. The attraction will include more than 200 alien artifacts.

Visitors will be able to explore artifacts collected from famous UFO events in places like Roswell and Area 51.

Arizona Boardwalk Managing Partner Ran Knishinsky said in a statement, "The extraordinary content in the galleries has been provided by UFOlogists as well as collectors from around the world. What we think most visitors will draw from touring UFO Experience is that the topic remains fascinating."

There is even an alien abduction simulation that's based on stories from those who claim to have experienced it first-hand.

The experience has an "alien hunter" laser shooting game, alien specimen analyses, and memorabilia from popular sci-fi films.

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