Arizona Is Home To One Of 'The Best College Town Burgers In America'

Photo: Getty Images

College towns truly have a life of their own with small dives serving up delicious foods, tons of foot traffic, and college events seemingly every day. No matter what college town you lived in, there was sure to be a place serving up the best burger in town.

Mashed ranked the best college town burgers in America. The website states, "We found America's best college town burgers in karaoke bars, barbecue joints, dive bars, shacks, and everywhere in between –– just bring your best sports jersey and stretchy pants."

A burger from one Arizona college town made the list. The Tijuana Torpedo at The Chuckbox in Tempe landed at number eight on the list. The website explains what makes it so great:

"Each burger is sprinkled with mysterious "magic dust" that leads to salivation like no other. Their classic Great Big One burger comes with a half-pound beef patty and any combination of toppings from their self-serve open condiment table. The Tijuana Torpedo is the real masterpiece stuffed with jalapeño jack cheese and topped with whole green chili peppers. Add some of their signature jalapeño poppers on top, and this western-styled shack will have Shake Shack running for its money."

Click here to check out the full list.

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